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Florida State University (FSU) operates a number and variety of vehicles that are used to perform functions that support the mission of the University. The variety of vehicles used by the University extends from traditional licensed vehicles to specialty vehicles used for excavation, lawn mowing, equipment transport, etc.  The requirements for operating unlicensed vehicles are provided in the Golf Cart, Utility Vehicle and All Terrain Procedure. All vehicle operators are required to ensure that they operate the University's vehicles in accordance with manufacturers' guidance in a safe and efficient manner and meet the requirements set forth by the University.

The objective of this Vehicle Safety Program is to promote safe operation and maintenance of all University-owned, rented or leased vehicles in accordance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and guidance. This Vehicle Safety Program is established to reduce the potential for vehicle-related accidents and to optimize the safety of the University community, as well as to minimize physical damage to University property.

Departments are encouraged to have employees complete an online Defensive Driving Course.  Defensive Driving is a driving technique that incorporates knowledge and skill with safety by enabling motorists to anticipate potential hazards and make proactive, rather than reactive, maneuvers to avoid those dangers. By anticipating potential hazards and making safe decisions, drivers reduce their risks and improve their overall safe-driving skills.  The online course was developed by the Florida Department of Transportation and is available for free to all University employees. Click here to access the online course: FDOT Defensive Driving Course. Departments that utilize vans are encouraged to have their employees complete Van Safety Training.  It is a classroom based course that is taught by the FSU's Police Department.  To request Van Safety training contact EH&S at 644-6895.  Both courses are provided to FSU employees for free.

Governing Regulations

  • Florida Statute Chapter 284 State Risk Management and Safety Programs
  • Florida Statute Chapter 287 Procurement of Personal Property and Services
  • Florida Statute Chapters 316-324 Motor Vehicles
  • Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • National Highway Safety & Traffic Administration
  • Occupational Health & Safety Administration

Additional Information and References

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