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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Signs and Labeling-Radiation Safety

Radiation warning signs bearing the standard radiation symbol and proper wording must be posted in areas subject to radiation hazards when required by State of Florida, Bureau or Radiation Control in 64E-5.320-327, FAC.

Containers of radioactive materials must bear labels with the radiation symbol and words "Caution (or Danger) Radioactive Materials", and when appropriate list the radioisotope, the amount of activity and the activity date. Additional information on or near the containers may be provided if it will help minimize radiation hazards. Containers that are used temporarily during laboratory radioactivity work are not required to be so labeled, unless left unattended. Items left in a designated radioactive workplace will be assumed to be radioactive.

Laboratory users should not remove radiation warning signs from laboratories or lab equipment. The Radiation Safety Officer must test areas and equipment to ensure they are free of radioactive contamination before deposting. Contact the RSO at 644-8802 to request removal of postings. For advice as to proper signs and posting in restricted areas, consult with the RSO.

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