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This insurance program provides insurance coverage to scientific and medical equipment that is owned, borrowed, or leased in the care, custody, and control of the University.  This policy provides an avenue to have such items covered under some form of insurance as they are not currently insured by our primary insurance.  

Premium Payment

Payment is billed directly to the departments that are participating in the insurance coverage by Environmental Health & Safety. Any questions related to this matter should be directed to the business manager at 644-6898.  The policy is managed by the Department of Management Services.


The type of coverage for this equipment varies based upon the nature of the use.  This equipment must be considered scientific and not subject to be utilized in a waterborne situation.  Transit coverage is also covered.  All equipment covered under this policy must first be approved by the Underwriter for the insurance company due to the uniqueness of the items being insured.  If you have any questions regarding this insurance, please contact the Insurance and Claims Manager in Environmental Health & Safety at 644-7683. 

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