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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Reuse of Radioactive Contaminated Equipment and Supplies

Containers, glassware and equipment that have become contaminated with radioactive materials, including those items that have become radioactive from induced activity, must be labeled as "Radioactive" and shall not be returned to the University stock room or redistributed for general use without specific approval of the Radiation Safety Officer. Contaminated items no longer needed in a program will generally be disposed of as solid radioactive waste, or may be decontaminated and reused.

Refrigerators, glove boxes and other costly laboratory equipment that once contained radioactive materials may be reused only after being checked and cleared by Radiation Safety personnel and after removal of all radiation warning signs and labels. It is the policy of the FSU Radiation Control and Policy Committee that such refrigerator and freezer units shall not be sold to the general public and should not be sent to FSU Surplus Property. 

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