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The purpose of the Respiratory Protection Policy is to protect employees from respiratory hazards encountered on the job by providing guidelines for training, selection, use and care of respirators and by establishing accepted practices for respirator use. 

These guidelines are intended to provide information to assist in the development of a site and hazard specific respiratory protection program.  This information is limited to air purifying respirators (APR) under normal conditions of use.  Contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) for information on supplied air respirators. 

This program applies to all employees who are required to wear respirators during normal work operations, as well as during some non-routine or emergency operations, such as a spill of a hazardous substance.

In addition, any employee who voluntarily wears a respirator when one is not required may be subject to the medical evaluation, cleaning, maintenance, training, and storage elements of this policy, depending on the type of respirator being used. More information can be found at Voluntary Respirator Use.

A list of employees and the respiratory protection provided will be maintained by the Program Administrator. All employees and processes that fall under the provisions of this program can be listed in the Record of Respirator Issuance -[DOC Format] [XLS Format].


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