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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Regulated Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, and Ether

University researchers may, in the course of research, teaching or testing, find it necessary to use diethyl ether, prescription or legend drugs or federally controlled substances. Various federal and state statutes and regulations address this need. FSU has the responsibility to ensure that all departments, units and employees comply with all applicable laws and requirements with regard to these substances. The “Regulated Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Ether” policy was developed to assist researchers in complying with Chapters 499 and 893 of the Florida Statutes, Chapter 64F-12 of the Florida Administrative Code and the Code of Federal Regulation, Title 21, Parts 1300-1308. The following information is provided to University researchers as guidance for obtaining necessary exemptions, licenses and permits as well as instruction on purchasing, storage, record keeping and destruction or disposal of such substances.


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