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The FSU Radiation Safety Program operates under the authority of the FSU Radiation Control and Policy Committee (RCPC). This program assures compliance with the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control (BRC) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations. EH&S holds a Florida BRC license (32-10) for the use of radioactive materials under which all research at FSU must be conducted. All users for ionizing radiation must get approval from the Radiation Safety Officer before beginning research by submitting a proposal for use and attaining RCPC approval. EHS provides a range of radiation protection services, including required training of laboratory personnel; inventory of all radioisotopes used on campus; receipt and delivery of all radioactive material; monthly surveys for contamination; dosimetry and shielding; waste pickup and disposal; as well as guidance on safety and regulatory issues. For more information contact the Radiation Safety Office at 644-8802 or 644-8800.

The purpose of these online resources is to provide the necessary procedures, guidance and information for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines at The Florida State University. While these resources do not include all radiation safety requirements, they do provide a detailed guide for users of radioactive materials and for those who work with radiation producing machines. Those interested in reviewing more complete code requirements are encouraged to access the references noted below. These references are available at the Radiation Safety Office, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, 1200 Carothers Hall or (850) 644-8802. 



  • Chapter 64E-5, Florida Administrative Code.
  • State of Florida Radioactive Materials License 32-10

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