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Care of the Injured – Emergency Care

  • Immediately call 911. Report the incident to a supervisor and obtain additional assistance as soon as is possible.
  • Apply any necessary first aid, using caution not to further aggravate the injury. Do not totally disregard radioactive contamination, but it should be secondary to caring for the injured person; the contamination can be dealt with at a later time.
  • Stay with the accident victim until emergency personnel arrive and advise them as to the extent of the injury, the victim's condition, and the type and extent of the contamination, if known.
  • Accompany the victim to the hospital, if possible, and take along a G-M survey meter whenever radioactive contamination is suspected (other than tritium).
  • The victim or supervisor must initiate the FSU injury report as soon as they are able after the emergency actions have been taken using the procedures described in Workers' Compensation-Reporting an Injury.

Non-emergency Care

To obtain follow-up or non-emergency treatment, refer to the FSU injury reporting procedures described in Workers' Compensation-Reporting an Injury and in the Lab Accident Response flow chart. Contact the Radiation Safety Office for assistance at 644-8802 or 644-6895.

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