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All laser use areas containing Class 3 or greater lasers shall be posted with the appropriate signs. Class 1 and Class 2 laser facilities are not required to be posted. Use the following guidelines for posting of Class 3 and Class 4 lasers:

  • Facilities containing Class 3a and 3B lasers shall have postings at every entrance which contain the text "VISIBILE AND/OR INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION- AVOID DIRECT EXPOSURE TO BEAM", "CLASS 3a LASER PRODUCT" or "CLASS 3b LASER PRODUCT".
  • Facilities containing Class 4 lasers shall have postings at every entrance, which contain the text "LASER RADIATION- AVOID EYE OR SKIN EXPOSURE TO DIRECT OR SCATTERED RADIATION", "CLASS 4 LASER PRODUCT".
  • Postings may be obtained from the Radiation Safety Office or a safety supply vendor.

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