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Laboratory Close Out Procedure

If you are leaving FSU, or will be retiring from lab activities, you must address laboratory safety and compliance issues before leaving. The Principal Investigator is responsible for all close-out issues related to his/her lab. Researchers should not simply leave hazardous materials, contaminated lab surfaces and equipment for others to address. The following practices and actions must be followed prior to closing a laboratory:

Contact EH&S and provide an approximate date for the lab close-out by calling 644-6895 or 644-8916.

Determine if lab materials and equipment can be used by a colleague and arrange to transfer; however do not provide free access to lab chemicals and equipment to students or the public.

Lab equipment, especially refrigerators, incubators, and shakers must be decontaminated before disposal or transfer.

Lab use refrigerators may not be sent to surplus property. If they cannot be used in another lab, the department should arrange to have the oil and coolant removed, the door removed, and the refrigerator discarded as trash after the item has been decontaminated.

Other laboratory equipment can be sent to surplus via the departmental representative for property records. Every item with an FSU inventory tag must be accounted for by noting to the property records representative the new location, whether it has been sent to surplus, or whether it has been trashed (disposal requires a separate form). EH&S must approve all transfers of laboratory equipment to surplus property by first determining that the item is not contaminated with hazardous materials.

Contact the Chemical Safety Office 644-7682 for removal of all unwanted chemicals and waste.

Contact the Biological Safety Office 644-5374 for removal of all biohazardous materials or waste.

Contact the Radiation Safety Office 644-8802 for removal of all radioactive materials or waste.

Contact the Laboratory Safety Office 644-8916 for coordination of the move or for further information.

If the lab is to be closed, but a graduate student will continue to perform laboratory work, the lab must be transferred to the supervision of another FSU Principal Investigator and his/her name must be provided to EH&S as an emergency contact for the laboratory personnel and for other issues related to laboratory safety.

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