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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Ordering, Receiving, and Transferring Radioactive Materials

Ordering and Receiving Radioactive Materials

Radioactive materials shall not be procured if such materials and quantities, plus the materials and quantities on hand, exceed those listed on the Principal Investigator's proposal as approved by the Radiation Control and Policy Committee.

All incoming packages of radioactive materials shall first be delivered to the Radiation Safety Office. Radiation Safety personnel will make verification of authorization. The package will be checked for integrity, monitored in accordance with Chapter 64E-5.327, FAC, and delivered to the appropriate laboratory.  

Transfers of Radioactive Materials to Other Facilities

Transfers of radioactive materials to other facilities must be coordinated with the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). Such shipments must be properly packaged, labeled and wipe tested, as necessary. The RSO must have a copy of the recipient's license number as proof that the individual is authorized to receive the material.

Transporting Radioactive Materials Between Laboratories

When transporting radioactive material, particularly radioactive liquids in glass containers from one laboratory to another, a secondary container; such as Styrofoam, cardboard, rubber, or metal must be used.

When millicurie amounts of radioactive solutions are transported, enough absorbent packing material shall be used to ensure that all the liquid is absorbed in case of breakage or leakage.

University Vehicles used for transporting radioactive materials should be checked for contamination after use and decontaminated, if necessary. The practice of using private vehicles for transporting radioactive materials is not allowed.

For further information on transporting laboratory materials, moving or closing down labs, please refer to policy and detailed practices for moving hazardous materials at Laboratory Moves.

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