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Routine environmental or employee exposure monitoring of airborne concentrations is not generally warranted or practical in laboratories because the chemicals are used for relatively short periods of time and in small quantities. Standard protocols and procedures are designed to minimize possible exposures. Sampling may be appropriate when highly toxic substances are used regularly or when there is reason to suspect that exhaust equipment may not be adequate. Laboratory workers who believe that they may have had an exposure or detect a chemical odor from an unidentifiable source must contact EH&S immediately by calling 644-6895.

Specific Medical Monitoring Programs

Medical Records

Confidential medical records are maintained for employees and students receiving medical surveillance and medical care at the Occupational Health Physician’s office, FSU University Health Services, or other designated health care facility (contact EH&S at 644-5374 for more information). FSU EH&S does not receive employee or student medical records. Information related to a specific on-the-job injury or exposure is provided to EH&S by the Occupational Health Physician to assist supervisors in working with the employee to prevent further illness or injury.

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