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The FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory Academic Diving Program (ADP) oversees and supports faculty, students, and staff from the FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, the departments of Anthropology, Biological Science, Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Geography, the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, and the FSU Film School for whom underwater research is an element of their research or job description.

Diving Medical Exams are required for all FSU science divers. The exam can be administered by any physician knowledgeable in hyperbaric medicine. A list of physicians with this capability can be found in the FSU Diving Medical Forms​. The physician sends the completed forms with the examination results to the FSU Diving Safety Officers either by mail or by email to The Diving Safety Officer, in consultation with the physician, is the sole determiner of an individual's physical fitness to dive. The cost of this evaluation is the responsibility of the prospective diver. FSU divers on sponsored projects should contact the Diving Safety Officer for information about grant-funded physicals.

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