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Due to the growing use of lasers on campus, the Radiation Safety Office has developed the following laser safety information, which includes selected requirements for University students, staff or visitors using or observing any lasers or laser facilities. Please consult the Florida Administrative Code 64E-4.001.016 for a complete listing of rules and regulations governing the use of lasers at Florida State University.  This program is designed to manage the use of lasers on campus and to control the hazards associated with their use. For more information, contact the Radiation Safety Office at 644-8802.


  • American National Standards Institute, Inc., American National Standards for the Safe Use of Lasers, Z136.1-2000
  • American National Standards Institute, Inc. American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers in Educational Institutions, Z136.5-2000
  • Florida Administrative Code, Control of Non-Ionizing Radiation Hazards, Chapter 64-E4.001-.016
  • US Code of Federal Regulations: 29 CFR Part 1040.10, Laser Products
  • Nikon Mircoscopy Laser Safety
  • Kentek Safety Glasses (EH&S does not endorse a particular vendor for protective products)

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