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Laboratory security is an integral part of an effective safety program. Follow these steps to ensure a secure working environment in your laboratory:

  • Keep laboratory doors closed and locked when unoccupied.
  • Keep stocks of organisms, hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials locked when the laboratory is unoccupied.
  • Keep an accurate record of chemicals, stocks, cultures, project materials, growth media, and those items that support project activities.
  • Notify FSU Police if materials are damaged or missing from laboratories.
  • Inspect all packages arriving into the laboratory.
  • When research is completed for the day, ensure that chemicals, radioactive materials and biological materials have been stored properly and securely.
  • Greet and inquire as to the purpose of any stranger entering the laboratory areas that you do not recognize as an authorized co-worker or support staff person. Do not leave them unescorted unless you feel threatened and then immediately report them to FSUPD when you reach a safer area. You can always offer to assist them or choose to report them to departmental supervisors or FSUPD as you feel is appropriate. Do not hesitate to ask anyone to exit the areas if they are not authorized to be there and cannot provide a valid reason or credentials, for reasons of safety and security.
  • Discuss other security-specific requirements with your supervisor and colleagues.

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