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If your laboratory is moving to another on-campus location, there may be significant numbers of chemical containers and other potentially hazardous materials that need to be moved. The transport of laboratory hazardous materials poses a risk due to the increased likelihood of an accidental release in an uncontrolled area. Proper planning and procedures will minimize the hazards associated with moving. Laboratory personnel moving chemicals on the FSU campus must take reasonable steps to minimize the potential for spills or incompatible mixing of the chemicals, or release of any hazardous materials.

Special considerations must be followed when moving any of the following hazardous materials or laboratory equipment:

Prior to setting up the new laboratory (see also: New Researcher or New Laboratory Setup and New Laboratory Personnel):

  • Look for nearest safety equipment: eyewashes and safety showers, fire extinguishers, fire pull stations (near exit stairs).
  • Plan carefully before storing equipment and chemicals in the new lab.  Contact EH&S for guidance. 
  • Avoid using extension cords
  • Store chemicals by hazard class
  • Do not store chemicals on the floor or above eye level
  • Do not permit equipment to block fire extinguishers, eyewashes or egress
  • Purchase lab furniture that is impervious to hazardous materials (no cloth cushions)
  • If you are a new Principal Investigator at FSU, contact the Laboratory Safety Office to discuss safety and compliance issues and training requirements associated with your research

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