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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Laboratory Door Postings and Other Signs

A hazard and emergency information sign will be posted by EH&S on the laboratory door exterior, facing the corridor. This sign is used by emergency response personnel and by university staff who may be required to enter the laboratory to alert them to hazards that may be present. The sign identifies hazards within the facility, the responsible faculty member, and other persons to be contacted during work hours in the event of an emergency. In the event of an accident, chemical spill, fire or personal injury, assistance from a person familiar with the laboratory may be requested. For after hours emergencies, contact information must be provided to the Department, and this information (home and cell phone numbers) is posted in a secure location for emergency personnel.

EHS must be consulted about other door postings and signs (e.g. radioactive materials, biohazards) that may be required. Signs should be reviewed by the person responsible for the posted area at least annually or in the event that pertinent information changes. Contact EHS at 644-0818 or 644-8916 to request an update to laboratory hazards sign or postings.

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