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Highly reactive chemicals are inherently unstable and can react in an uncontrolled manner to liberate heat, toxic gases or explosion. These include shock sensitive chemicals, high-energy oxidizers and peroxide forming chemicals. Before working with these materials, safety information should be reviewed to evaluate proper storage and handling procedures. In addition to common chemical handling guidelines, the following procedures are recommended:

  • Use a chemical fume hood with the sash or other containment/exhaust, for all reactions
  • Secure reaction equipment properly
  • Use impact protection (shields and guards) in addition to chemical splash protection (i.e. eye protection, face shields, gloves, laboratory coats)
  • Handle shock-sensitive chemicals gently to avoid friction, grinding and impact
  • Dispose of reagents with suspect purity and age.

If the risks are high, experiments should be performed in an isolated facility with explosion venting and explosion-resistant construction.

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