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Florida State University (FSU) is committed to providing a fire-safe environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors, and to protecting its property through an effective fire prevention, protection, preparedness, and response program. The purpose of this program is to assist the Florida State University community in working together to maintain an environment that reduces the risk of fire hazards.

The University works in cooperation with the Florida Division of State Fire Marshal to ensure compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code through fire safety plans review for construction and renovations, and through ongoing facility inspections. In addition, the University has established the FSU Facility Design Standards to further enhance the level of safety inherently provided in our facilities.

This program has been developed to provide detailed information on how to create and implement Florida State University’s Fire Safety Plan, as well as provide a template to create building and department-specific Emergency Evacuation Plans. This plan addresses four major areas: emergency preparedness, fire extinguisher usage, fire safety training, and fire and emergency response procedures.

General Information and Guidelines

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety has established guidelines and procedures for a variety of areas with fire safety elements such as the use of extension cords, Pyrotechnic Displays, Outdoor Burning, and Cooking.

Campus events are reviewed for general concerns including fire and life safety. Event set ups and requests are not approved until they meet the minimum criteria outlined by staff review.

The installation and use of curtains, furnishings, and tents are reviewed for fire safety compliance though the EH&S Building Code and Fire Safety sections. If you plan to purchase or use these items be sure to verify they are acceptable in advance to avoid delays in your purchasing.

Open flames, candles, and incense are not approved for use in state buildings such as offices, classrooms, and Residential Housing facilities. Any electrical items used must be UL Listed and approved by EH&S.

If you have any questions on any of the topics above please contact the Fire Safety Coordinator at 850 644-6535.