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Fire extinguishers are provided throughout all FSU buildings for use as required by the Florida Fire Prevention Code. EH&S will ensure compliance with this requirement.

Research shows that fires can quickly grow out of control in 3-5 minutes. A fire extinguisher is your first-aid to fire fighting. An average extinguisher discharges completely in less than 1 minute. Therefore, it is important that you know at least two locations for extinguishers nearest to your work area, and know how to use it effectively.

Never put yourself in danger to try to supress a fire with a portable fire extinguisher. Make sure you have an emergency exit at your back if you attempt to extinguish a fire. It is important to call emergency responders as soon as possible if you discover a fire prior to using a fire extinguisher.

Be aware that the agent from most extinguishers is expelled under a slight pressure and with some noise. In some instances, it may be enough to disturb loose debris and can even spread the fire if you are not successful in extinguishing it.

Dry chemical extinguishers emit a fine powder that can appear like smoke and similarly obscure visibility, especially in small spaces. See Fire Extinguisher Training for an example.

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