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In accordance with Florida Statute (FS 633) and the Florida Fire Prevention Code, FSU buildings may be required to have routine fire/emergency evacuation drills conducted. Fire/emergency evacuation drills provide an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and emergency responders to become familiar with the building fire safety features, to practice emergency procedures, and to ensure the efficient and safe use of exits. To ensure that this practice is adequate, drills will be arranged so that they simulate probable emergency conditions specific to the building.

Fire/emergency evacuation drills will be conducted at the frequency listed in the table below. For facilities requiring drills to be conducted each semester, to familiarize new students unfamiliar to campus with emergency procedures it is expected that the drills will be performed during the first couple of weeks of the beginning of a semester (excluding the first week of classes).

Facility Type

Minimum Drill Frequency

Residence Halls, Apartments, and Dormitories

Once per semester

Facilities classified as High Hazard (used for Educational purpose, containing notable amounts of hazardous materials, exceed 3 stories in height) or where required by the AHJ.


Newly occupied or majorly renovated facilities

Within 1 year of occupancy




Typically, drills should be held during normal operational hours to provide experience opportunity for the largest number of participants.

Fire drills should be arranged with notice to only essential personnel to simulate an accurate response by building occupants.

Due to the transitory nature of classroom buildings it may not be possible for the building coordinator to inform every instructor in advance. It is important that all faculty and staff are prepared to promptly react to an evacuation notice regardless of location and planned class activities.

It is the intent during a drill that all classes evacuate and all laboratory operations shut down to a secured condition. It should be noted that there is a difference in urgency for a drill evacuation versus a true perceived emergency condition. In predetermined drill evacuations only, flexibility will be considered for special circumstances such as live animal procedures which need not end abruptly in a non-emergency condition. Such special circumstances will be noted on the drill report and the department staff verified to have a suitable contingency plan in place should a real event occur.

FSU Fire Safety staff will coordinate specific drill activities, including scheduling, with department heads and building coordinators in buildings with planned fire drills. This will minimize disruptions to critical testing, lab experiments, and normal department activities. Prior to initiating the drill, the building should be surveyed for activities such as testing, meetings, seminars, etc.

Management staff of facilities requiring more frequently occurring drills such as health care, day care, and residential housing will schedule and oversee their own events with appropriate training and approval by FSU Fire Safety Staff. The recommended Fire Alarm/Drill Evacuation Report (FSUID login) should be completed and submitted to Fire Safety staff following each event.

Evacuation times will vary with building size and the complexity of ongoing operations. Most successful drills can be completed in less than 15 minutes for minimal disruption to the ongoing activities. Follow up drills will be required where evacuation performance needs improvement.  Drills are generally rated as follows:

Evacuation Time



< 5-10 Minutes


Prompt and orderly evacuation

< 10-15 Minutes


Minor objections to leaving

> 15 Minutes

Needs Improvement

Notable delays and opposition


An unscheduled fire alarm evacuation may be considered as a drill, once within a 2 year cycle, if an "Excellent" rating is achieved and documented, if approved by Fire Safety Staff. A copy of the Fire Alarm/Drill Evacuation Report (FSUID login) must be filled out by responsible staff, present at the event, and provided to the Fire Safety staff for consideration as a drill substitution. 

All deficiencies identified during the drills must be promptly addressed. FSU Fire Safety staff will follow-up on identified system deficiencies, and will report all Facilities related items to the Facilities Work Center.

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