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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Electronic Data Processing Equipment (EDPE)

This insurance program provides insurance coverage for owned or leased computer equipment and electronic media including converted data in the care, custody, and control of the insured for specified named perils that would not normally be covered under a standard insurance policy such as theft, computer hacking, viruses, and so forth.  There is also a scientific equipment rider on this policy as well. 

Premium Payment

Payment is billed directly to the departments that are participating in the insurance coverage by Environmental Health & Safety. Any questions related to this matter should be directed to the business manager at 644-6898.


This policy extends coverage to equipment which is currently excluded from our primary policy against theft, hacking, virus damage, power shortages, etc.  In addition, this policy covers the equipment while in transit.  Rates for this policy vary and are subject to a deductible.  Should you have any questions regarding this insurance, please contact the Insurance & Claims Manager with Environmental Health & Safety at 644-7683.

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