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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Design Guidelines-Fire Protection Specialties


This section contains the requirements relating to portable fire extinguishing devices and storage cabinets, not including items or devices physically connected to a fire protection system.


  • The Constructor shall coordinate and review all activities relating portable fire extinguishing equipment (including accessories) with the EH&S Fire Safety section prior to construction.
  • The Constructor is responsible for supplying and maintaining fire extinguisher coverage for the building portion of a building throughout all construction or renovation activities.
  • The Constructor is responsible for providing all portable fire extinguishing devices and accessories as required by NFPA codes.


BUILDINGS WITH FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS: Fire extinguisher cabinets shall:

  • Be fully or semi-recessed and shall not protrude more than 4” from the wall.
  • Be only non-locking keyless types, no break glass types.
  • Be sized to hold a minimum of one ten-pound ABC extinguisher.
  • Be flat bottomed.
  • Not be plastic bubble front type.
  • Not require interior hanger.
  • Maintain the appropriate fire ratings when the cabinets are placed in rated walls.
  • Have the words “Fire Extinguisher” clearly visible on the exterior of the cabinet.
  • Have signage placed to guide occupants to their location when hidden by columns or other building components.

BUILDINGS WITHOUT FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS: Buildings without fire extinguisher cabinets shall have all extinguishers surface mounted in locations as specified by the requirements of NFPA 10.


  • Fire-Protection Cabinets:
    • J.L. Industries, Inc.
    • Larsen’s Manufacturing Company
    • Potter-Roemer; Div. of Smith Industries, Inc.
    • Modern Metal Products; Div. of Technico



  • Constructor shall provide new extinguishers for renovations and new construction near the completion of the project.  New extinguishers shall not have a manufacture date older than one year and be properly tagged with a date within three months from the completion date of the construction project.
  • Unless otherwise required by Code or noted below, all fire extinguishers shall be manufactured by Amerex, Ansul, or Badger. Maximum 5 lb. units, with a 3A40BC rating shall be installed in FSU facilities.  10 lb. units should be used in: workshops, parking garages, large mechanical rooms, elevator rooms, and labs containing large quantities of flammable liquids.  HVAC only rooms and small electrical rooms do not require fire extinguisher placement.  Do not install fire extinguishers in janitor’s closets.
  • CO2 extinguishers may not be used except with prior approval of the Environmental Health & Safety Department.
  • Placement of halotron, halon 1211, or FE2000 type extinguishers in computer server rooms, or laboratories where highly sensitive equipment exists is allowed; however, these types must be inspected annually and serviced when necessary by outside vendors with costs being born by the department where they reside.
  • Placement of 2AC rated water mist type extinguishers in computer server rooms or laboratories with highly sensitive equipment is allowed.
  • Commercial kitchens require K-type extinguishers.
  • For buildings being renovated, prior to the start of construction, the Contractor shall contact the EH&S Fire Safety to arrange for the removal of existing fire extinguishers from the construction areas.

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