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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

This insurance provides coverage for Comprehensive and Collision Insurance to State Owned Vehicles in the care, custody, and control of an eligible State entity.  This insurance is provided through the Department of Management Services at an additional expense to the Department. 

Premium Payment

Payment is billed directly to the departments that are participating in the insurance coverage. This is a private insurance policy purchased through the Department of Management Services. The rates are based upon the vehicle and the driving histories of those operating the vehicles. 

Individuals Covered

Participation in this policy runs concurrent with the insurance for Automobile Liability provided by the Department of Financial Services and is afforded only to those departments that choose to have the additional coverage.  This policy will pay for physical damages less a deductible of $500.00.  Additional questions or requests for coverage should be directed to Environmental Health & Safety at 644-7683.

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