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The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard requires most chemical users to maintain a list of hazardous chemicals in the workplace along with Safety Data Sheet information for every product used in the covered area. The Florida Building Codes and Florida Fire Codes, most specifically through "Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals (NFPA-45)" also convey the need for inventories of flammable materials in order to ensure that threshold quantities are not exceeded based on area designs and classifications. There are several other good reasons for maintaining chemical inventories even though there is no direct regulatory requirement for these to be done at our facilities. 

EH&S is aware of the time commitment required to collect this data and keep it up to date, yet we must periodically request inventories from research groups in order to assess such things as thresholds and risk for regulatory compliance. We are also working to acquire technology and enhance the procurement process in order to minimize the impact on researchers and maximize the benefits of a chemical inventory system. When conditions are favorable to obtain the necessary software and hardware to support this effort we will work to implement this solution for all research chemicals enterprise wide.  

A hazardous chemical is defined as any liquid, solid or gas that could present a physical or health hazard to an employee. An inventory of all hazardous chemicals used at FSU must be updated and provided to EH&S biennially. For biennial reporting of the chemical inventory, an excel template is available online. A completed form may be e-mailed to For further information regarding chemical inventories, contact the Laboratory Safety Office at 644-8916.

Important Note: In accordance with requirements of the Department of Homeland Security, “Chemicals of Interest” must be reported to EH&S when they are ordered.

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