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The purpose of this program is to provide training on safety requirements when working with known or potentially biohazardous agents or materials and to ensure University laboratories operate in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The objectives of the Biosafety training program are to reduce the potential hazards to University employees that might result in injuries or illness to employees and/or the environment.

The Biological Safety Office is responsible for programs related to: exposure control of bloodborne pathogens, biological waste, biological safety in the laboratory, and oversight of the University’s use of biohazardous materials.

When working with any potentially biohazardous materials, it is important to maintain a strict adherence to good microbiological practices. Consequently, all personnel directly or indirectly working with any potentially biohazardous materials and/or human blood must receive appropriate training by both the Florida State University Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S) and by the responsible Principal Investigator or supervisor.  EH&S will provide general information regarding the safe handling of the materials, identifying various safety techniques and procedures necessary to handle the materials safely, as well as identifying biohazardous waste and providing information about the proper disposal methods of all biohazardous waste generated.

Training Courses

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