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Automobile liability Insurance is provided by the State of Florida as required in accordance with Florida Statute 284.  This insurance provides protection for Florida State University against third party bodily injury and property damage losses arising from the use of state vehicles operated in the course and scope of employment.  The University, through the State of Florida, has sovereign immunity to the extent specified in Florida Statute 768.28. FSU has general liability coverage of $200,000 per person up to a total of $300,000 per occurrence and personal injury coverage in the amount of $10,000 per person and $10,000 per occurrance. As Florida State University is considered a State of Florida entity, all claims are administered by the Department of Financial Services.   Regardless of the severity of the accident, all claims must be reported to a Police Official and an Official Police report must be completed.  All accidents involving vehicles must be reported to Environmental Health and Safety within 48 hours regardless of damages. The Driver's Information Exchange Report should be hand delivered to Environmental Health and Safety as soon as possible. 

There is no coverage for physical damage to a state owned automobile involved in an accident when the employee operating the vehicle is at fault or not working in the course and scope of employment.  The Department assigned to operate the vehicle is responsible for the cost of repairs when the accident is the fault of an FSU employee.  If the other party involved in the accident is at fault, damages can be subrogated against the other party.  This determination is made by the Insurance and Claims Manager within the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.  Subrogations are conducted by the Insurance and Claims Manager.  Should an accident occur involving two Florida State University owned vehicles, the repairs of the vehicles are handled between the Departments assigned the vehicles.

It is encouraged that passengers not employed with Florida State University complete a Voluntary Consent and Waiver Form prior to traveling in a State Vehicle. A general template for a Voluntary Consent Form and Waiver can be requested from our office, downloaded and modified. This form should be customized for the purpose of those traveling and should always be reviewed by the Florida State University General Counsel.  Minors must have the form executed by a parent or legal guardian.

The current insurance provided does not allow for coverage of comprehensive or collision. In addition, there is no coverage for loss of a vehicle resulting from fire, theft or vandalism. Physical damage coverage, including comprehensive (fire, theft, vandalism) may be purchased for automobiles under a private policy administered through the Department of Management Services.  Please contact the Department of Environmental Health & Safety for additional information.



  • Automobile Accident Report [PDF]
  • Automobile Claimant Checklist [DOC] [PDF]
  • Lien Disclosure Statement [DOC]
  • Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification (IRS W-9) [PDF]


  • Florida Statute 284
  • Florida Statute 728.68

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