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August 11
Protecting the Public and Especially Kids from the Dangers of Tobacco Products, Including E-Cigarettes, Cigars and Hookah Tobacco

This month, for the first time, FDA will be able to help protect the public, and especially kids, from the dangers of all tobacco products.

For years, it has been illegal under federal law to sell cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to minors. Under a rule finalized in May, federal law now prohibits retailers from selling e-cigarettes, hookah tobacco, or cigars to people under age 18.

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August 11
Walking Meetings Increase Physical Activity

​Is it time to rethink traditional work meetings? Replacing a seated work meeting with a walking meeting can increase workers’ physical activity and lead to positive health effects, according to researchers from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

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August 04
Beware of Products Claiming to Protect Against Zika

With the growing concern about the potential spread of the Zika virus in the United States, especially in Florida, products that offer protection from mosquitos are experiencing a dramatic increase in sales.  While there are products on the market that contain EPA approved mosquito repellents that can reduce the risk of mosquito bites, there is no single product available that will specifically protect against Zika.  To protect consumers, the New York Attorney General issued a cease-and-desist against several companies selling products in stores and online claiming to prevent Zika.  For more information on these products and others, check out this article by Consumer Reports: Beware of These Zika Scams​.  

Zika Shield.jpg
Scammers are marketing products claiming to protect against Zika.  There are no products available to prevent the spread of Zika.  Instead look for EPA approved mosquito repellents.  

August 04
Chemicals in e-cigarettes May Harm Your Health

​Chemicals used in e-cigarettes, including potential cancer-causing chemicals, are raising health concerns.  For more information, please see the following article:  e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals

July 29
Florida and the Zika virus

For the past week, the Florida Department of Health has been investigating non-travel or locally acquired related cases of Zika virus in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.  The Florida Department of Health has confirmed that Florida is the first state to have a positive result for locally acquired Zika virus.

As of now, Florida Department of Health and the Leon County Department of Health have NOT seen any cases of Zika (confirmed, suspected, or otherwise) in Leon County.

If you have any questions on the Zika virus, you can contact the Leon County Health Department Communications Office at 850-606-8150 or visit the Leon County Health Department website at

To be up to date and aware about the status of the Zika virus in Florida, check out the Florida Department of Health Newsroom web page at  For additional information on the Zika virus and mosquito prevention, check out the following web pages as well.

July 26
Allergy to BBQ?

​One of our staff was treated at the ER for a severe allergic reaction following ingestion of a hamburger.  Tests revealed a newly acquired allergy to red meat.  The reaction to alpha-gal, a substance in mammalian meat, is an acquired allergy for individuals who have first been sensitized by a tick bite.  One unusual feature of this allergy is that the reaction develops hours after ingesting red meat (beef, pork, or deer, for example).  Typical symptoms include hives and anaphylactic shock.  To avoid this and other illnesses that may result from tick bites, wear protective shoes, long sleeves and pants when walking in tall grass or dense vegetation, consider using insect repellants, and check for ticks at the end of the day.

July 26
Wireless Badges Sense Hazardous Chemicals

A new wireless hazard badge detects certain dangerous compounds at parts-per-billion levels and warns people of their exposure to these chemicals via smartphone. The inexpensive, battery-free device could find use in chemistry labs and in military settings. Read more here:

July 22
Walmart Asks Suppliers to Remove Certain Chemicals from Products

​Walmart has asked its suppliers to remove eight chemicals from consumer products.  Triclosan, which is widely used as an antibacterial agent in soaps, is one of the eight chemicals specified as a health concern.  See complete article at Walmart action on hazardous chemicals.

July 11
Challenges of Heat Stress in the Elderly Population

Heat Stress during the hot summer months poses a singularly unique challenge for our elderly population particularly in a state such as Florida.  The following NIH article addresses these unique challenges and offers advice on how to avoid the dangerous consequences.  Advice From the NIH for Avoiding Heat Stress in The Elderly Population.

July 08
Stay Informed of the Zika Virus in Florida

​To be up to date and aware about the status of the Zika virus in Florida, check out the Florida Department of Health Newsroom web page at:  The Florida Department of Health will issue Zika virus updates that will include CDC-confirmed Zika case count by county and information on how to protect yourself.

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