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July 26
Allergy to BBQ?

​One of our staff was treated at the ER for a severe allergic reaction following ingestion of a hamburger.  Tests revealed a newly acquired allergy to red meat.  The reaction to alpha-gal, a substance in mammalian meat, is an acquired allergy for individuals who have first been sensitized by a tick bite.  One unusual feature of this allergy is that the reaction develops hours after ingesting red meat (beef, pork, or deer, for example).  Typical symptoms include hives and anaphylactic shock.  To avoid this and other illnesses that may result from tick bites, wear protective shoes, long sleeves and pants when walking in tall grass or dense vegetation, consider using insect repellants, and check for ticks at the end of the day.

July 26
Wireless Badges Sense Hazardous Chemicals

A new wireless hazard badge detects certain dangerous compounds at parts-per-billion levels and warns people of their exposure to these chemicals via smartphone. The inexpensive, battery-free device could find use in chemistry labs and in military settings. Read more here:

July 22
Walmart Asks Suppliers to Remove Certain Chemicals from Products

​Walmart has asked its suppliers to remove eight chemicals from consumer products.  Triclosan, which is widely used as an antibacterial agent in soaps, is one of the eight chemicals specified as a health concern.  See complete article at Walmart action on hazardous chemicals.

July 11
Challenges of Heat Stress in the Elderly Population

Heat Stress during the hot summer months poses a singularly unique challenge for our elderly population particularly in a state such as Florida.  The following NIH article addresses these unique challenges and offers advice on how to avoid the dangerous consequences.  Advice From the NIH for Avoiding Heat Stress in The Elderly Population.

July 08
Stay Informed of the Zika Virus in Florida

​To be up to date and aware about the status of the Zika virus in Florida, check out the Florida Department of Health Newsroom web page at:  The Florida Department of Health will issue Zika virus updates that will include CDC-confirmed Zika case count by county and information on how to protect yourself.

July 08
Reducing Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths

Reducing motor vehicle crash deaths was a great public health achievement of the 20th century for the US. Still, in 2013, US crash death rates were nearly twice the average of other high-income countries. Learn more about what can be done:

June 27
Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Risk Management Safety and Loss Prevention Outlook:  Issue 3 | Volume 7 |May-June 2016

​The Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Risk Management produces a periodic newsletter titled Safety and Loss Prevention Outlook.  In this issue, the following topics are presented:

  • Developing Safety Goals Part 2
  • Traffic Safety Poster
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • E-Cigarette informational Brief
  • Benefits of Return to Work Program
  • The Transformative Power of Safety
  • Safety Excellence Infographic

Click here to open the newsletter:  Safety and Loss Prevention Outlook

May 23
Temperatures and Humidity on The Rise - How to Avoid, Recognize, and Treat Heat Stress

As the calendar turns towards June we need to be aware of the dangers caused by the intense summertime Florida sunshine.  Among the challenges working and playing outdoors is dealing with heat stress.  The following link provides helpful information from the CDC and NIOSH on how to avoid heat stress when possible, identify symptoms when present, and treat when required.  Heat Stress - Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment

May 02
Shaping Pro-Environment Behaviors

​Psychologists have teamed with Environmentalists to discover the most effective way to achieve positive environmental behavior among humans.  Researchers have determined that the type of wording used in messages can successfully encourage environmenatlly friendly behavior.  Click the link to read more:

April 28
CRF Frozen Foods Recalls Frozen Vegetables

CRF Frozen Foods of Pasco, Washington is voluntarily recalling fifteen frozen vegetable items that have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

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