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FSU Safety Manual


Pages: Emergency Management - Weather Tools

(Mostly Free) Resources to Aid in Making Decisions About Severe Weather Events


-          Introduction

o   There are many online websites and Internet-based applications available, many at no cost, that can provide critical information needed to support emergency preparedness, planning and response to severe weather events.

o   Use of these resources will aid in meeting National Weather Service StormReady guidelines.

o   This will be a whirlwind tour of many of the resources we use at Florida State any time there’s a threat of severe weather. 

o   We only have an hour, but don’t worry, all these links are available on my website:

-          Websites

o forecasts

§  Area Forecast Discussion

§  Hourly Forecast Charts

o Local WFO Websites

o   Storm Prediction Center (SPC)

§  Severe Weather Outlooks

§  Mesoscale Discussions

§  Watches

§  Fire Weather

o   Weather Prediction Center (WPC)

§  Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF)

§  Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (PQPF)

§  Excessive Rainfall Outlook

§  Winter Weather Outlook

·         SnowfallProbabilities

·         Ice AccretionProbabilities

§  River Flood Outlook

o   SPIA-Index

o   National Hurricane Center (NHC)

§  Tropical Weather Discussion

o   Hurricane Computer Models



§  FSU

o   PING / mPING

o   River Forecast Centers

o   Water Management Districts (e.g. NWFWMD, SFWMD)

o   Local Rain and Flood Networks (e.g. CAFWN)

o   Weatherbug Network

-          Software

o   NWSChat (Pidgin)

o   GRLevelX

o   HurrEvac

-          Twitter Accounts

o   @NWS

o   Local WFO account (e.g. @NWSTallahassee)

o   @TWCBreaking

o   Various TWC Personalities (e.g. @JimCantore, @MikeSeidel, @MikeBettes)

o   @RyanMaue

o   @Crownweather​

o   Local News Weather Accounts (e.g. @WCTVMike, @LoznickaCBS46)

-          Smartphone Apps

o   WeatherBug

o   WeatherChannel

o   NWSChat (Xabber)

o   mPING

-          Service Providers

o   DTN Weather Sentry

Crown Weather Services